Welcome to Purafruta

Purafruta’s clients rely on our experience, business structure, agricultural technology, and extensive know-how in exporting table grapes and mangoes.

When planning their purchases, they can determine the shipment time, since we offer fresh fruit 12 months a year.

If your company distributes fruits in Brazil or abroad, rely on the experience and specialty of Purafruta.

Who we are

Offering certified-quality fruits 12 months a year, produced with the best handling techniques and post-harvest practices.
Working with environmental and social responsibility. Promoting integration within the Brazilian fruit production chain, creating value, knowledge, income, and revenue.

Entrepreneurs who are pioneers in the business of exporting fruit from the Sao Francisco Valley, with more than 30 years of experience in the international trade of fruits.

Quality, traceability, punctuality.

Our specialties

Fresh fruit 12 months a year 100
Table grapes and mangoes with certified quality and traceability 100
From most recent to the most consumed varieties 100
Logistics structure and timely delivery 100
Experience in the international market of fresh fruits 100
Private labels from large global retail chains 100

Our team

Júlio Medeiros

Agricultural engineer
Chief Operating Officer

Renato Alves

Geologist and business administrator
Chief Commercial Officer

Ana Paula Campiglia

Agricultural engineer
Chief Financial Officer

Our brands, private labels and representatives

Our visual identity

A tribute to the Sao Francisco Valley, the luminous land where we work, plant, harvest, and trade the best-quality fruits from Brazil to the world.

It represents the sun, which shines here 12 months a year. The colors green, orange, and red allude to tropical fruits.

The overlapping of arches symbolizes the integration between the production, commercial, and administrative areas.

The name Purafruta has intrinsic meaning.
It is written in a strong and smooth typeface, which
reinforces the perception of the brand as clear and friendly.